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Keynote Demos

Whether it be appreciating some of humanity’s most prized cultural heritage, or exploring the limits of technology in space, we’ve got you covered. Check out our fully-interactive beautifully hand-crafted demos. They are, quite literally, parallel universes.

Interactiva Museum of Fine Arts

New version in development Coming soon!

UMass Virtual Tour

New version in development Coming soon!

Interactiva Space Station

New version in development Coming soon!


Our Projects

Whether it be appreciating some of humanity’s most prized cultural heritage, or exploring the limits of technology in space, we’ve got you covered. Check out our fully-interactive beautifully hand-crafted portfolio.

University of Massachusetts Virtual Tour

This state-of-the-art virtual tour will feature a completely realistic virtual campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a script centered around the campus culture, branching dialogues, voiced tour guides and community members!

Coming soon!

London Museum of Natural History

This virtual exhibit is a reconstruction of the real-life museum London Museum of Natural History, located in London, UK. Immerse yourself in realistic visuals, and true-to-life exhibits, in a completely computer-generated world.

Coming soon!

International Space Station: Zenith

Immerse yourself in a simulation that blends reality with fiction. You are in control of Steelman, an astronaut at the International Space Station testing new experimental technology. Learn about the inner workings of the stations while the simulation tests your ability to adapt to unique situations.

2021 Digital Media Lab Demo

Following the complete overhaul of the Digital Media Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Interactiva has partnered with the Libraries to create a realistic and immersive digital demonstration of the facilities.

2021 Clean Water Celebration

Interactiva is super proud to have developed the 2021 Clean Water Celebration, hosted by the Sun Foundation in central Illinois. This year, the activities and events will be virtualized in a fully-interactive virtual world using state-of-the-art design technologies.

2020 Peoria Fine Art Fair

In collaboration with the Peoria Art Guild, Interactiva is proud to present the first-ever fully-interactive virtual art fair in the US. This fair is the first-of-its-kind, offering the ability to walk around the beautiful riverfront of Peoria IL, at your pace, and admire the artwork with complete interactivity.

Before Dusk

Ryan, a college student at UMass, is weary of the quarantine instated because of COVID-19, and decides to visit his school, only to find out that things aren’t exactly as he left them. Join Ryan as he tests his ability to adapt to stressful situations and survives the unimaginable.


Shannon J. Cox
Shannon J. Cox
Executive Director, Peoria Art Guild
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(2020-10-30) It was such a pleasure to work with Interactiva Studios in creating our first ever Peoria Art Guild Virtual Fine Art Fair. The team was very easy to work with and created such a wonderful virtual experience of our Peoria Riverfront. We were able to meet on a weekly basis to decide how to create an experience that duplicated our live Fair as much as possible. They helped us through all of those challenging technical issues that we don’t normally need to manage. The team always responded in a timely fashion and made adjustments quickly, paying attention to all the details. The finished product was wonderful. We are excited to work with them on more projects in the future.
Karen Zuckerman
Karen Zuckerman
Chair, Clean Water Celebration
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(2021-09-09) The Sun Foundation was so pleased to work with Interactiva Studios in the creation of a first ever virtual Clean Water Celebration launched spring of 2021. Their team listened carefully and designed a wonderful experience true to our vision of seamlessly combining our Clean Water Champion mini-documentaries with mini-game challenges. They were clear with all deadlines while always willing to find time to adapt designs to our needs. We received timely help with any technical issues. We are excited to be working with the team to enrich our virtual program for this coming spring 2022.
Dr. Steve F. Acquah
Dr. Steve F. Acquah
Coordinator, UMass Amherst Libraries
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Thank you to Interactiva for producing the virtual tour of the new Digital Media Lab space at UMass Amherst. We enjoyed seeing the vision come together, especially during the challenges of the pandemic. The team adapted to our changing construction timetable and provided many options to tailor the experience to our needs. We are especially pleased with the intuitive features of the tour, highlighting our new and existing services while making the navigation of our space accessible to visitors through desktop and mobile devices. We look forward to working with Interactiva on many projects in the future.

Case Studies

UMass Virtual Tour

Campus tours meet the Metaverse: What if exploring a university could be gamified to the point that it feels like you’re actually walking around in-person?

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ISS Simulation

One of the greatest marvels of human engineering blended with simulation elements, a virtual spacewalk, and a unique storyline.

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Those who were disappointed with the cancelation of the annual Fine Art Fair can now experience it through another avenue. 

Prospective students have opportunities to engage with UMass using Zoom sessions and virtual walkthroughs.

PEORIA (WEEK) – In the era of Covid-19, a 28 year tradition had to take a year off in 2020, but the Clean Water Celebration is back, virtually, even in Peoria. It looks almost like a video game that allows a user…

Math and computer science major Adrian Chase created this beautiful virtual tour of campus and it’s so good, we can almost feel the wind tunnel near the Du Bois Library.

November 24th, 2020, Hosted by the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship, the four-part Innovation Challenge continued with The Seed Pitch on Wednesday, Nov. 18. In front of a panel of industry expert judges and executed virtually, 18 ventures gave 5-minute pitches…

German Ramirez, Lead Artist from Interactiva, is recognized by his school for creating the beautiful artwork features in the 2020 Virtual Peoria FAF.


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