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The more accurate, the better.
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Are you primarily showcasing building interiors or exterior scenery?
A point of interest would be a place or an object you want to showcase or describe within your tour.
e.g. Buildings, statues, exhibits, landscapes, etc
1- Text and visual is a tour guided by on-screen text (Check the museum demo for an example) 2-Voiced tour-guiding adds professional audio that explains every point of interest.
e.g. ADA compliance elements, like subtitles, and descriptive narration
Answer yes if you want to control exactly what the tour says. Otherwise, if you want us to screenwrite it for you, select no.
Describe the audience that visits your institution or the clients who might be using our tours.
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Just a few images will help give as an idea. Preferably one of every room/environment you need virtualized.
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